Gift Support Network

The gift of giving

Our Object

Gift Support Network object is the relief of need for the public benefit of people who are socially excluded primarily, but not exclusively by reason of financial hardship in the UK, Ghana and Nigeria by the provision of grants, goods and services.

Our Philosopy

Social exclusion not only make worse by financial needs, but creates additional stress for individuals and may worsen mental health issues. Social exclusion and financial needs are inextricably linked. Financial needs not only impacts on people's health and wellbeing.

Our Purposes

We will support the socially excluded whose needs are greatest, such as asylum seekers, the disabled, single mothers and their children. As a young charity, our trustees have taken prudent steps of first focussing on grant making, until such a time when we have secured sufficient funds to begin delivering services.

Who Will Benefit

How we will achieve it

Gift Support Network has a robust volunteer selection policy that will ensure that our volunteers have the necessary skills and experience. Also, we will create similar suitable specifications should we decide to have volunteer drivers and/or informal skills training.

Point To Note

Where We Operate

• Throughout England & Wales • Outside England & Wales (Ghana & Nigeria)

What We Set Up To Achieve

• Relief of those in need regardless of age, disability, ill-health, financial or other disadvantage.

What We Do In Our Overseas Locations

In West and Central Africa, the incidence of poverty is approximately 75% in rural areas, out of a total impoverished population of about 120 million.

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