Our Purposes

We will support the socially excluded whose needs are

Greatest, such as asylum seekers, the disabled, single mothers and their children. As a young charity, our trustees have taken prudent steps of first focussing on grant making, until such a time when we have secured sufficient funds to begin delivering services. Once we secured enough resources, we will embark on active signposting to sources of statutory and expert charity support, such as social services, the NHS and Citizens Advice. However, we will not deliver professional support or assessments and, instead will use, leaflets/website to inform people who may be in need but unaware that support exists. Furthermore, we will support people in completing application forms and/or booking appointments, where they may face difficulty doing so themselves. Suffice to say that any such plan would be predicated on an appropriate investment appraisal that will be in tandem with Gift Support Network’s best interests and meet its objectives. Other potential activities include the provision of workshops to develop life skills, such as basic IT skills, and the creation of a volunteer driver service to support those who are socially isolated, such as frail older people and the disabled.

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