About Gift Support Network

We want to see a society free from vulnerabilities and sundry limiting conditions.

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Gift Support Network has a robust volunteer selection policy that will ensure that our volunteers have the necessary skills and experience. Also, we will create similar suitable specifications should we decide to have volunteer drivers and/or informal skills training. Thus, we have adopted all the necessary policies and procedures germane to carrying out our activities when appropriate. For example, we have a programme and project assessment template, a grant/project agreement and due diligence policy that comply fully with all relevant HMRC and Charity Commission requirements. In addition, we have adopted other relevant policies to ensure that Gift Support Network is run safely and effectively, and complies with regulatory requirements.
At Gift Support Network, we have a robust safeguarding policy that meets all Charity Commission’s requirements, including grant making and online safety with links to the Commission’s detailed guidance. Furthermore, Safeguarding requirements have been embedded in our other relevant policies and procedures, including project/grant agreement template and, grant making and ethical fundraising policies. We have also adopted a bullying and harassment policy to ensure compliance with the Commission’s recent guidance on this.